Movin' to the Suburbs: School population changes and housing values

Where are families moving in Illinois and why?

To investigate, we aggregated the number of school aged children from census level information to Illinois high school attendance boundaries for the years 2000 and 2013. Below is a map showing the percent changes by our high school attendance boundaries:

Rural areas and parts of inner-cities (blue) have experienced the greatest drop in school-aged children. The two schools experiencing the greatest decreases were Hope College Prep High School (-40%) and Coulterville High School (-39%). Suburbs (red) have experienced the greatest increase. Plainfield North (274%) and Plainfield South (259%) schools experienced the greatest increase. Below we look at changes by the school's median housing value:

Lower housing values are correlated with larger outflows. Interestingly, higher housing values are also correlated with outflows. We have seen some incredible growth in high school attendance boundaries where homes are still relatively affordable ($125K - $300K).

We can see that people certainly move with their feet, and schools likely play a role. We look forward to providing more demographic and real estate focused blogs in the future. Stay tuned.